That is my hope for you, and for everyone.

May it be you feel welcome.

May it be you are in good connection to that which grounds you.
May it be you are in good connection to that which vitalizes you.

May it be you and your kin are held in dignity.
May it be we are all held in dignity.

In this way of coexisting -- for pleasure and responsibility -- may all beings be free.

Perhaps it is weird to open a professional academic website with an invocation. But there it is, just the same, the hope that underlies these efforts. The constant prayer. It's okay to be vulnerable. I'm okay with it. Vulnerability is methodologically significant.

I acknowledge that what I find to be methodologically significant is not for everyone, and that's alright. Take it or leave it as you like.

In writing of Nishnaabeg resurgence in As We Have Always Done, Leanne Betasamosake Simpson writes:

"I set out initially in Dancing on Our Turtle’s Back to find Nishnaabeg knowledge of how to rebuild from within after devastation because I thought this knowledge would be instructive about how to continue to resist and resurge in the face of ongoing colonialism, I did this not so much through discussion, although there was discussion, but through deep engagement [...] Through this engagement, a different understanding emerged. This is entirely consistent with Nishnaabeg thought, although I did not appreciate it at the time." (2017, pp. 19-20)

Simpson, L. B. (2017). As we have always done: Indigenous freedom through radical resistance. Minnesota UP.

Simpson continues:

"It became clear to me that how we live, how we organize, how we engage in the world – the process – not only frames the outcome, it is the transformation. How molds and then gives birth to the present. The how changes us. How is the theoretical intervention."

I care a great deal about the how of things and try to hold my curiosity related to how as tenderly, thoughtfully, and kindly as I can.

With that in mind, this website is divided into a lot of whats – seemingly disparate whats. It is the how that holds it all together.

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